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Welcome to Our New Site!

After a significant period of dormancy, Monkfish Book Publishing's website is undergoing some considerable updates. Aside from the website going through a complete overhaul, we have also made over a dozen of our backlist titles available as e-books for the first time. Titles that you've asked for in electronic format for quite awhile--including The Maeve Chronicles--are now available for download on your Kindle, Nook or favorite e-reader. In the upcoming months, we also will be issuing several e-book only releases. In addition, we have 3 new titles that will be published in the Spring: a cookbook, an exciting collection from a variety of writers about prayer & a book on energy healing....but more on those soon! Be sure to follow us on our social media platforms and let us know what you've been reading!

Mirabai Starr featured in Parabola

Be sure to pick up the Fall issue of Parabola! Monkfish author Mirabai Starr is featured along with an excerpt from "God of Love".

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'Owsley & Me' in Relix Magazine

Our latest release, "Owsley and Me: My LSD Family" by Rhoney Gissen Stanley has been excerpted in the current issue (July-August) of Relix Magazine! On newsstands now!

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Master Guo Jun in Tricycle

Master Guo Jun (Essential Chan Buddhism) was featured in Tricycle Magazine. You can still access the feature via their website!

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Buzz On Our Current Titles

'Owsley & Me' by Rhoney Gissen Stanley: “Stanley's memoir is an impressionistic kaleidoscope of the tumultuous times that informed the birth of the Haight and the genesis of the Dead, and her reminiscences help us better understand the complex currents that made that era so iconic, powerful, and still misunderstood."
— Grateful Dead Archive

'Essential Chan Buddhism' by Master Guo Jun: “Guo Jun weaves traditional stories, explanations of Chinese terms, and elements of his own spiritual journey into this loving tribute to Chan’s fundamental spirit."(Starred Review)
— Publisher's Weekly

'God of Love' by Mirabai Starr: “Maybe if Starr were less of a storyteller, her style would be less invitational, but she writes about the three Abrahamic religions as a woman in love, not as a tenure-hungry prof. The result, bearing the brilliance of her surname, plaits a strong braid from the essences of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: God is love. She writes about the three Abrahamic religions as a woman in love, not as a tenure-hungry prof.” (Starred Review)
— Publisher's Weekly