From the Heart of the Lotus

From the Heart of the Lotus

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The Teaching Stories of Swami Kripalu

Swami Kripalu (author), John Mundahl (editor)

Trade Paper
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These never before published teaching stories of the yoga master Swami Kripalu are at once down-to-earth and transcendent. The Swami was fond of telling stories as a way of making his often subtle and surprising points. For example, in a parable about mind control, “The Demanding Daughter,” we learn of a young spoiled woman who will only marry on the condition that she can find a husband who will allow her to strike him on the head seven times a day with her shoe. Each story is set off by a particular yoga principle that the Swami illustrates through the story.


One of the greatest Kundalini yoga masters of the twentieth century, Swami Kripalu was also a scholar, musician, athlete and writer. The largest Yoga school in the west-Kripalu Yoga Center- was inspired by his teachings.