John Crow Speaks

John Crow Speaks

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Teachings of the Jamaican Elders

Chet Alexander

Trade Paper
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The true story of a young boy growing up in Jamaica who meets a holy man named Bredda Man. Bredda Man was one of the elders in the remote Maroon community of Jamaica still practicing the “old ways.” The Maroon traditions were said to come from secret meetings in the bush with wise elders of early African medicine people, European kabbalists, and masons. Thus the teachings evolved into an esoteric shamanism focusing on self-knowledge through reverent communication with nature. For centuries, this powerful teaching helped produce a people who were feared and respected as warriors and equally sought after as healers.


Chet Alexander is a contemporary teacher of kabbalistic shamanism. He met and was apprenticed to Bredda Man while a young boy growing up in Jamaica as the grandson of a wealthy landowner. His website can be reached here: