Tantra Goddess

Tantra Goddess

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A Memoir of Sexual Awakening

Caroline Muir

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Tantra Goddess is Caroline Muir’s memoir of her personal journey from innocent Kansas girl to skilled sexual and spiritual healer and leader. She shares the experiences that shaped her and lessons learned over a lifetime of searching for, and most often finding, love. While pioneering the now burgeoning Tantra movement in the United States and abroad, she experiences the highs and lows of the polyamorous, Tantric lifestyle, finds peace at last in a sexually monogamous relationship, and a new found sense of herself.


"…an eye-raising tour de force of sexual healings, female ejaculations, experimental polyamory and emotional crescendos…a breathtaking rollercoaster ride…a soul-satisfiying read…"—The Tantric News


Caroline Muir is the co-author of Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving. Originally published in 1989, it has sold 130,000 copies and been translated into 9 languages. Her work has been featured in many publications including The Wall Street Journal, Yoga Journal, Elle, Glamour, and Esquire. She remains a teacher of Tantric loving, dedicated to bringing an empowered sexuality to women and men everywhere.

Check out Caroline's website here: Divine-Feminine.