The Journey from the Center to the Page

The Journey from the Center to the Page

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Yoga Philosophies and Practices as Muse for Authentic Writing

Jeffrey Davis

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With wisdom for writers at any level and in any genre, nationally known writing and yoga instructor Jeff Davis shows writers how yoga’s principles and practical tools can deepen their writing practice and increase their versatility writers. A grounded guide to the body-mind-imagination connection, this book shows ways for writers to reconnect with their deeper intentions for writing, sustain concentration and confidence when writing, and write with an authentic voice.

Reviews (Original)

“In addition to suggesting specific yoga exercises for various writing roadblocks…this is a substantial writing guide, with lessons in voice, symbol, syntax and dialogue.” —Dallas Morning News

"Jeff Davis inspires us to find the genuine voice of our own body/mind by sharing the time-tested yogic practices of breathing consciously, getting grounded, and creating space. This book is a terrific road map toward creating the conditions for writing to happen." —Cyndi Lee, founder of OM Yoga

"There is so much good information in this book.…Yogis may find a desire to write and writers will find support for turning their sedentary, often lonely, vocation, into an embodied and dynamic practice." —Ascent Magazine

"…intended to help writers 'forge a deeper connection with their muse through the use of simple yoga practices,' and other cool stuff.…If you're already stuck in downward dog, this might be one to check out." —January Magazine


A writing coach, poet, freelance writer and editor, Jeff Davis founded the Yoga as Muse for Authentic Writing workshops and has been teaching writing for twenty years