Parmenides and the Way of Truth

Parmenides and the Way of Truth

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Richard Geldard

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Parmenides was a philosopher, healer, and spiritual guide in fifth-century BC Elea, a Greek outpost on the western coast of Italy. Around 450 BC he and a young Socrates engaged in a debate on the nature of reality, later immortalized by Plato in The Parmenides, the dialogue that re-created that meeting. Richard Geldard’s inspiring account brings new life and contemporary understanding to Parmenides, allowing us to understand his thought and benefit from his wisdom.


Richard Geldard earned his PhD at Stanford University in Dramatic Literature and Classics. He is the author of Remembering Heraclitus and The Traveler's Key to Ancient Greece. He is also an Emerson scholar, author of The Essential Transcendentalists, The Spiritual Teachings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and God In Concord.