America Needs a Woman President

America Needs a Woman President

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Brett Bevell (author)
and Eben Dodd (illustrator)

Trade Paper
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Imagine a president who leads with a mother’s love, the forgiving humor of a grandmother, and the wisdom of a medicine woman. These words, beautifully illustrated by artist Eben Dodd, give hope for a new paradigm of leadership at a time when we need it most.


“America Needs a Woman President will appeal to any woman or man of any political persuasion (or none at all) who hungers for wise and bold leadership. It is a love poem, a visionary rant, a call to action, a cry for sanity. America needs this funny, brilliant, and beautiful book.” —Elizabeth Lesser, author of The New American Spirituality


Author of several books including America Needs a Buddhist President, and Energy Healing for Everyone Brett Bevell has electrified audiences around the world with his masterful live oral recitations and was featured on NPR. He teaches writing workshops at Omega. Eben Dodd is an artist living in Oakland. His work is exhibited in numerous galleries on the west coast. He worked previously with Brett Bevell on America Needs a Buddhist President.

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