Out of the Labyrinth

Out of the Labyrinth

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Who We Are, How We Go Wrong and What We Can Do About It

Carl Frankel

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Out of the Labyrinth combines a personal narrative, visionary framework, and cultural criticism into a story about where we have gone wrong as a culture and what we must do—and become—to set things right again.


"A riveting personal chronicle with important cultural implications. Raises the literature on sustainability to a new level. Destined to be a classic." —Hazel Henderson, author, Building a Win-Win World

"Frankel tells a compelling story in a compelling way. His is a voice that must be heard and, thankfully, it's a lyrical voice that is sheer pleasure to read." —Marjorie Kelly, co-founder, Business Ethics magazine; author, The Divine Right of Capital

"Informative and inspiring, Out of the Labyrinth makes a case for attaining sustainability by establishing a right balance between inner and outer, between personal, political and planetary." —Satis Kumar, editor-in-chief, Resurgence Magazine

"Out of the Labyrinth is one of those breakthrough books that puts things into perspective. I am an environmental activist. I take my spiritual life seriously. I used to practice business law. For years I have been trying to understand and bridge the disconnect between the different worlds I know. At last Carl Frankel has given me the vocabulary and concepts to see what's going on." —Stuart Auchincloss, board member, CERES

"This is the work of a first-class, learned mind and a sensitive spirit. These qualities combine to draw me into Frankel's thought and take me to a place of vision, clarity and, yes, wisdom far beyond my own. This is a magnificent book and extremely important reading for anyone who yearns for a better world." —Ray Anderson, chairman, Interface Flooring Company.

"Out of the Labyrinth reflects a journey that is both personal and global toward the path of sustainability. It is a story of the search for an integral vision that is moving in its authenticity and compelling in its call for honoring the depth dimensions of ourselves. It is a book to be read with profit by all who are seeking a sustainable future for people and the planet." —Mary Evelyn Tucker, co-director, Forum on Religion and Ecology

"Out of the Labyrinth blends story and philosophy into a dazzling concoction that offers powerful guidance to us all. It offers brilliant insights into personal, cultural, and national realities and possibilities. Fascinating!" —Thom Hartmann, author, The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight

"Written from a deeply philosophical stance, the book is at the same time accessible and practical. Frankel shows us the potential power of post-modern thinking without falling into the negative and nihilistic stance adopted by so many critics of the current state of the world. For anyone committed to positive change in the world, Out of the Labyrinth should find a spot in their library." —John R. Ehrenfeld, Director Emeritus, MIT Technology, Business and Environment Program

"Brilliantly illuminates the mess of our current culture and the future that our deepest selves yearn to create. Lays out a profound and practical framework for understanding ourselves better, and for knowing what we need to be and do to truly make a difference in the world." —Eric Booth, author, The Everyday Work of Art and Future Vision

"In Out of the Labyrinth, Carl Frankel has become a friend of evolution. He takes our hand and guides us through the labyrinth of ideas and possibilities, of dead ends and false paths, toward the "Integral Way" that realizes our full potential as Whole Beings. A beautiful work." —Barbara Marx Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

"In Out of the Labyrinth, Carl Frankel transcends conventional political ideologies to expound an approach to positive change that can be applied personally, politically, institutionally (for instance, in corporations), and even culturally. An insightful, compelling and deeply personal work with lessons that readers will find useful in many aspects of their life." —Mac Bridger, President and CEO, Collins and Aikman Floorcoverings


Carl Frankel is a nationally-known writer, journalist, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur specializing in sustainable development. Frankel is currently a senior columnist with the US-based magazine Green@Work, and Director, Strategic Communications and Advisor to the Chairman with ManyOne Networks, a start-up, socially responsible 'web portal service provider.'